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Rocky Horror Show


 "...notable vocal performances from Allison Fitzgerald (Janet)"
-MD Theatre Guide

Legally Blonde


"Allison Fitzgerald makes a daunting Brooke, the fitness guru accused of murdering her much older husband, and her jump rope dance with the women’s Ensemble is dazzling."
-MD Theatre Guide

Merrily We Roll Along


" excellent ensemble masterfully sing Sondheim's innovative musical score."
- Broadway World

Little Women


DCTA 2022 Staff Favorite Performance: Jo - Little Women


"Fitzgerald is astonishing herself; she belted out the notes and without question solidified herself in my mind as one to watch. I am confident we’ll be seeing her on Broadway in the near future."

- DC Theater Arts

"Allison Fitzgerald is the perfect person for the headstrong and heart-hearty role of Jo March. Living and breathing this notion of being astonishing and clinging onto your dreams until they come true in the most extraordinary ways, Fitzgerald is every bit the believable Jo March one could hope for in such a powerful production of Little Women. She’s got an incredible set of pipes that really pack a punch for numbers like “Better” and “Astonishing.”

- Theatre Bloom


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