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Actress, Singer,
Cat Lady


"Fitzgerald is astonishing herself; she belted out the notes and without question solidified herself in my mind as one to watch. I am confident we’ll be seeing her on Broadway in the near future."

-Sarah Shah, DC Theater Arts

Allison Fitzgerald is a performer who puts passion, drive, and personal flair into everything she does.  She strives to create art that is genuine and truthful.  With her plucky ambition, easygoing nature, and dedication, Allison has the determination, adaptability, and eccentricity that is needed to create impactful theatre.


Allison was raised in Central Maryland with her many, many animals.  She is a proud cat whisperer, and could spend hours showing you her questionable celebrity impressions.  Besides her passion for the arts, she also strives to be an activist and advocate for marginalized communities, with specific focuses on mental health, as well as the LGBTQ+ community and disabled community.


Allison has been performing since the age of eight, and has had opportunities to perform in professional settings, such as The Strathmore and Nationals Park.  She has also been involved in various original works, readings, and premieres.  Allison holds a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

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Allison Fitzgerald
Allison Fitzgerald Actress
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